With over 100K dashboards, 700 saved queries, and a continuous influx of new content each week, navigating Dune can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, with a grasp of the basics, finding what you need becomes a breeze.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essentials of searching for content on Dune, focusing on three primary areas:

  • Discover page
  • Global search bar
  • Library

Discover Page

Navigate to the Discover page to begin your exploration. Here, you’ll find four categories to delve into: dashboards, queries, wizards (our esteemed creators 🧙 on Dune), and teams.

For both dashboards and queries, you can refine your search based on:

  • Favorites: Sort by the number of stars received within a specific timeframe.
  • Trending: Identify popular content within a selected period.
  • New: Filter by the content’s creation date.

By default, the Discover page showcases trending dashboards from the past 4 hours. This feature offers a real-time glimpse into the crypto world, highlighting what others are currently viewing and creating. It’s an invaluable resource for spotting early trends and insights.

  • Click on the search bar located at the top left or use the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + P.
  • Enter your desired keywords.
  • The results will display related dashboards, queries, wizards, or teams.
  • Dive deeper into a category (e.g., “Dashboards”) and select your preferred ranking criteria.
  • Choose the content that best suits your needs.
When searching for a dashboard, consider the number of stars it has received and its creator. For added assurance, you can also review the query’s source code to understand its logic.

Library: A Hub for Your Creations

To access content you’ve personally created, visit your library. Here, you can find all your dashboards and queries. Enhance your organization by categorizing them into various “Folders”. Additionally, the library allows you to search, filter, and sort your content based on different criteria.

It’s crucial to note that the Library’s content is context-sensitive. Depending on the user or team profile you’re viewing, you’ll see creations specific to that account.

Happy searching!