After executing a query, you’ll be presented with a set of results. The next logical step? Visualize that data for a clearer insight. This guide will show you how to layer a combined bar and line chart atop the data from Create your first query.

Here is a visual click-through version if you are more of a visual learner. Below is a written version.

  1. Begin Visualization: Click on “New Visualization” and select your desired chart type. For this tutorial, initiate with a bar chart and click “Add Visualization.”
  2. Display Data: By default, the chart will showcase monthly_gas_spent. To augment the depth of insights, include the cumulative_gas_spent column.
  3. Adjust Chart Type: Transition the representation of cumulative_gas_spent from a bar to a line chart, offering a more nuanced view.
  4. Fine-tune Your Chart: Customize the display values for a polished look. For detailed formatting guidance, refer to this resource.