Dune for Teams

  • Create a team account on Dune to enhance collaboration with a shared workspace.
  • Team accounts can be established without a paid plan, but Plus/Premium subscription features are available only to teams, not individual accounts.

This guide provides detailed steps to help you set up and manage your team effectively.

Setting Up a Team

  1. Navigate to the global context switcher at the top of your dashboard.
  2. Select “Create new team” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Complete the team creation process by following the on-screen instructions.
Every account on Dune, be it individual or team-based, requires a unique identifier. Each team must have a unique name that has not been used before.

Inviting Members & Assigning Roles

After setting up your team:

  • Invite New Members: Click on “Invite People” and follow the instructions. During this process, assign roles to each new member:
    • Admins have full control over settings and memberships.
    • Editors can create and edit content.
    • Viewers can only view content.
  • Use a URL to Invite Members: Alternatively, share a direct invitation URL with prospective team members.

To add members later, select “Invite Members” from the “+ Create” button.

Managing Subscriptions

Manage your team’s subscriptions and settings by navigating to the team account settings page, where you can:

  • Modify Your Plan: Change your subscription plan or opt for annual billing to save costs.
  • View Usage Statistics: Check your usage of credits, CSV uploads, and private content quotas.
  • Manage Additional Credits: If you need more credits than your plan provides, adjust the “Limit extra credits” field to set a maximum dollar amount for additional purchases. The default limit is $0 to prevent unexpected charges.

This section allows you to manage the “pay-as-you-go” feature. If you wish to purchase additional credits beyond your plan’s allocation, adjust the “Limit extra credits” field. Set a maximum dollar amount for additional credits. By default, this limit is set to $0.

Switching Contexts

Easily toggle between different team or individual accounts using the global context switcher. This feature allows you to manage multiple projects or team environments from a single account.